El Albergue Farm

Ollantaytambo has been an agricultural area since pre-Inca times and farming continues to be the main source of income for a large majority of the areas population. Travellers in this area will notice the amazing terraced fields, water canals and granaries that were built over 500 years ago and continue to be used to date.

El Albergue is nestled within the terracing of Ollantaytambo, and as of 2011 we have started a small farming project of our own. We are currently producing many of our own vegetables, corn, quinua and potatoes on our adjacent farm, our guests are invited to visit the farm and even give farm work a dig if so inclined. Our farm is worked without the use of agrochemicals or synthetic fertilizers, and using many of the traditional techniques that have been around for centuries: plowing with oxen, rotating crops and using biological controllers to regulate pests and disease.

Pachamanca Lunch

For a complete Ollantaytambo farm experience sign-up for a Pachamanca lunch on our farm. A Pachamanca is a traditional way of preparing food in the Andes. In the absence of a stove an oven is built out of stones, the stones are heated with a wood fire and once brought to a very high temperature, the stones are placed carefully with the vegetables meat and seasoning. The food is then covered with grass and banana leaves before being covered by a mound of earth. After 45 minutes the meal is ready and we have the pleasure of digging our delicious potatoes, yams, corn, fava beans, lamb, pork, alpaca, and chicken straight from the earth. We offer Quy (guinnea pig) upon request and for groups larger than 12 people.

Guests will enjoy their meal under a thatch roof in the middle of the farm with views of the Inca temple of Ollantaytambo, mount Pinkulluna and the Veronica glacier. Food is served family style accompanied by chicha, fresh salads and a variety of sauces, including our tasty uchucutas. Beer and wine are available upon request, and we offer our signature Matacuy as a complimentary digestif after the meal. The experience also includes a chance to work on the farm helping with whatever is at hand, be it digging potatoes, planting crops, husking corn, or any myriad of farm jobs. Groups are invited to play volleyball or just relax in the fields for the afternoon.

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El Albergue - Ollantaytambo - Lodge & Restaurant - 2016
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