En el Hotel El Albergue Ollantaytambo, creemos en la importancia de preservar el Valle Sagrado y contribuir positivamente a nuestra comunidad. A través de nuestro compromiso con la sostenibilidad y la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE), trabajamos incansablemente para minimizar nuestro impacto ambiental y crear un entorno más justo y equitativo para todos.

Our Sustainability Pillars

1. Environmental Conservation We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the ecosystem of the Sacred Valley. We continuously strive to reduce our consumption of natural resources, minimize waste, and promote environmentally friendly practices across all our operations.

2. Community Support We value and respect the rich culture and local community of the Sacred Valley. We collaborate with local organizations to drive initiatives that have a positive impact on the lives of those around us, contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

3. Supporting Local Communities We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support. We take pride in contributing to the well-being of local communities in Ollantaytambo. Through various initiatives, we work hand in hand with community organizations to drive projects that promote education, health, and socioeconomic development.

4. Cultural and Local Events As part of our connection with the community, we actively participate in and support cultural and local events in Ollantaytambo. From traditional festivals to empowerment activities, we are committed to strengthening cultural identity and enriching the lives of those living in our region.

Our CSR Initiatives

1. VALLE SAGRADO VERDE:  As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are proud sponsors of the Green Sacred Valley Project. This initiative focuses on reforestation, biodiversity conservation, and environmental education in the area. We contribute through donations, volunteer programs, and promoting nature-friendly practices.

2. Local Job Opportunities: We believe in the power of inclusion and creating opportunities. We prioritize hiring local staff, providing employment and training to community members. This strengthens the local economy and promotes a diverse and enriching work environment.

Creemos en el poder de la inclusión y la creación de oportunidades. Priorizamos la contratación de personal local, brindando empleo y capacitación a miembros de la comunidad. Esto fortalece la economía local y promueve un ambiente de trabajo diverso y enriquecedor.

CSR Partnerships

Collaboration with Kuska School We take pride in collaborating with Kuska School, an institution dedicated to education and development in our community. We are excited about their new project, the "Library and Cultural Center soon to open." This cultural initiative promises to be a space for learning, creativity, and enrichment for all.

Organic Foods from Our Land

1. Organic Food Production:  We understand that the quality of the food we serve is essential to our guests' experience. That's why we take pride in cultivating organic food on our own lands. We work with local farmers and use sustainable farming techniques to ensure that the ingredients reaching our kitchens are fresh, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

2. Sustainable Menus:Our passion for food is reflected in our menus, which are carefully designed to provide culinary delights that also respect the environment. By using locally sourced and organic ingredients, we promote sustainable agricultural practices and support the local economy

A Sustainable Future Together

We are convinced that the well-being of our community and the protection of our environment are fundamental pillars for a sustainable future. We thank our guests for choosing us and being part of our efforts to make a positive impact on the Sacred Valley.

By visiting Hotel El Albergue Ollantaytambo, you will not only experience the beauty of the Sacred Valley but also directly contribute to our sustainability and CSR initiatives, including our support for Green Sacred Valley and Kuska School.