Q: Can I leave my larger suitcases at the hotel while I am at Machu Picchu/on the Inca Trail?

A: Absolutely. You are welcome to leave your bags with us while you are at Machu Picchu or out doing any other excursions. Please bring your bags to reception, and the receptionist will take care of you. For guests of the hotel, baggage storage is complimentary. For non-guests, the price is S/.15 (~$4 USD) to leave your bags (up to one week).

Q: Do you require reservations for the restaurant?

A: While reservations aren’t required, they are highly recommended. You are welcome to reserve your table at http://www.elalbergue.com/restaurant.html

Q: Do you offer airport pickup service?

A: We do! Direct transportation between Cusco and El Albergue (2 hours) $65 van, $50 car (max two guests).

Q: Do you offer tours of the sights between Cusco and Ollantaytambo?

A: We offer both half- and full-day tours:
Half day tour (5 hours) $95 van, $75 car
Full day tour (8 hours) $120 van, $105 car
If you would like to add an extra time to your tour, the price is US$10 per extra hour. If you would like an English-speaking guide with you for these tours (in addition to the driver whose English is limited), the price would be an additional US$80 for a half day (5 hours) and US$100 for a full day (8 hours).
All tours can be booked through our website. http://www.elalbergue.com/tours.html

Q: What are some of the can’t-miss sights in the Sacred Valley?

A: Some popular places that you can visit between Cusco and Ollantaytambo include Saqsaywaman, Pisaq, Chinchero, Moray, Salineras, and the new Sacred Valley Brewery.  Pisaq has their artisanal market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and Chinchero also has a Sunday market.  The Brewery has its tasting room open Wednesday through Sunday from 12-8pm.  Please note you need the Boleto Turistico to visit the Saqsaywaman, Pisaq, Chinchero, Moray ruins.  You can purchase this ticket directly at any of the sites.

Q: What is the Pachamanca Farm Lunch?

A: The Pachamanca is a traditional Incan meal cooked upon hot rocks and includes a tour of the hotel and our adjacent organic farm. You're welcome to participate in the preparation of the Pachamanca, and while the food cooks, you can visit the farm and learn about traditional and contemporary organic farming practices.  The lunch includes a variety of grilled cuts of chicken, pork, and lamb (with alpaca, rabbit and cuy upon request), Andean potatoes and camote, organic vegetables, a variety of house-made salads and sauces as well as chicha morada (purple corn beverage).  We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and wine and beer are available upon request.
We serve the lunch at covered picnic tables right on our farm with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers and Inca archeological sites.  You sit down for your meal about one hour after the meeting time, and the total time is between 2 and 3 hours, depending how much time you spend on the farm after eating lunch.

Q: Can the hotel arrange for our visit to Machu Picchu?

A: We would be happy to arrange for everything for you, from the train tickets, bus tickets, Machu Picchu entries, arranging for an English speaking guide to arranging for delicious farm-fresh Box Lunches from our restaurant for you to enjoy up at the park. We offer the El Albergue Machu Picchu Experience Package, which includes the aforementioned for $375 USD per guest. You are welcome to reserve this package on our website, at http://www.elalbergue.com/tours/machu-picchu-experience.html

Q: Can you arrange for just Machu Picchu entries?

A: Our price to purchase entrance to Machu Picchu is US$65 per person (US$85 for a ticket that includes access to Montaña or Huayna Picchu, availability pending). If you would like for us to arrange for these for you, please send an email to reservations@elalbergue.com. If you would like Machu Picchu entrance tickets that include access to Montaña or Huayna Picchu, please indicate which entrance time you would prefer (7-8am or 9-10am for Montaña; 7-8am or 10-11am for Huayna).  

Q: We already have all of our tickets for Machu Picchu, but we need a guide. Can you arrange an
English speaking guide for us?

A: Absolutely. A guide to take you to the following parts of Machu Picchu for groups of 1-6 people would cost the following:
Machu Picchu Main Park - US$110
Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu - US$160 
Machu Picchu and Montaña - US$180 
For groups of 7-14 people, the prices are:
Machu Picchu Main Park - US$130
Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu - US$190 
Machu Picchu and Montaña - US$200 
*These prices are total, not per person.

Q: Can you arrange for other tours and activities in and around the Sacred Valley?

A: Most definitely.
With regard to hiking, we have some great hikes in and around Ollantaytambo that I can arrange a guide for. For 5 hours with a skilled, English speaking guide, the price would be $80 USD. For 8 hours with a guide, the price would be $100 USD.
We would also be happy to arrange for horseback riding, zip-lining, and river rafting for you.
If you’re interested in learning about a local NGO weaving cooperative that works with and empowers local women in the primarily Quechua-speaking communities around Ollantaytambo, you are welcome to take a tour and weaving lesson with some of the weavers themselves in their homes. We would be happy to arrange this for you.

Q: What are your general policies, including payment and cancellation?

A: Our general policies are as follows:

Check-out is at 11am and check-in is at 2pm.

Payment Policy
Room rates do NOT include 10% gratuity charge, nor do they include 18% tax applicable to Peruvians or foreigners staying without proof of tourist visa in their passport.

A credit card number is required to confirm a reservation and pay for the first night of the reservation. Visa, Amex, and Mastercard are accepted for payment upon check-out in addition to cash (USD or Soles).

Cancellation Policy
- Cancellations made outside of 30 days from the arrival date are not subject to a cancellation penalty, and the payment made for the first night of the reservation will be refunded.
- If guest cancels within 30 days of the arrival date, they will be charged 100% of the first night stay.
- If guest cancels within 7 days of the arrival date, they will be charged the full price of the reservation.
- No-shows will be charged the full price of the reservation.
- Cancellations for medical reasons can be fully refunded with a valid doctor's note.

Terms and Conditions
El Albergue Ollantaytambo has the right to move the reservations between the same category rooms as the one(s) reserved by the client without previous notice. El Albergue reserves the right to upgrade reservations free of charge.

El Albergue Ollantaytambo will make arrangements for your tours and activities through local tour operators, guides and transportation companies over which it has no direct control.  El Albergue Ollantaytambo makes these travel arrangements upon the express condition that El Albergue Ollantaytambo and employees, shall not be liable for any delay, mishap, inconvenience, expense, irregularity, bodily injury or death to person, or damage to property occasioned through the conduct or default of any company or individual engaged in providing these services.  Furthermore, El Albergue Ollantaytambo shall not be liable for bodily injury or property damage for any reason, including but not limited to acts of God, weather, quarantines, strikes, civil disturbance, theft, default, detention, annoyance, changes in government regulations, terrorism, war, or failure of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, etc., over which it (El Albergue Ollantaytambo) has no control.

These terms & conditions and cancellation policies do NOT apply to large group reservations, i.e. reservations of five rooms or more. Please contact reservations@elalbergue.com to make a group reservation.