Cafe Mayu Coffee Roasters

We are proud to serve local coffee freshly roasted on-site.  Cafe Mayu's coffee roasting always uses premium and fair-trade Cusco coffee, purchased directly from the producer.  During a visit to our roasting facility, you can join in the selection of coffee beans and watch the roasting process where we use an automated system to register color and temperature.

Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee made with the same beans roasted and ground by our master roaster who will tell you about the bean's origin, variety of coffee as well as it's different processes, products and myths.  Learn how to prepare a delicious coffee at home by choosing the right coffee and grinding technique.  Guests are welcome to purchase 250 gram bags of the same Café Mayu coffee with the same technical information they learned about at the facility.  A visit to the Cafe Mayu roasting facility is an aromatic learning experience.

In addition to experiencing the Mayu coffee in made-to-order drinks, we offer bags of cafe al grano (whole roasted beans) in the cafe and hotel store, with each bag marked by its beans' unique flavor profile.